What is CareForTheAging.org?

CareForTheAging.org is a career information workforce development initiative designed to recruit compassionate and dedicated people to the mission of serving the elderly and disabled in the long term and post-acute care profession.


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Whether you are just starting out or looking for a new career opportunity, now is a perfect time to launch a career in this field that is experiencing significant growth.

Equipping Tomorrow’s Workforce

CareForTheAging.org is an informational resource that aims to foster a deeper understanding on the wide range of career pathways available in the profession and inspire those who are looking for a new career opportunity to become a part of this rapidly growing and exceptionally rewarding field.

We recognize that job seekers need support and information to navigate the various career pathways available. We have developed resources that you may find helpful as you navigate the field.

We invite you to:

  • explore our featured career-focused videos from current caregivers who have passionately shared their inspirational journey in the field to give you a glimpse into their world, and
  • peruse other resources including education and training requirements, salaries, and advancement opportunities to help you find the right fit as you prepare to embark on a career in the field.

Bridging the Gap

Did you know that CareForTheAging.org is a thriving platform that connects job seekers with skilled nursing communities across Pennsylvania that are recruiting for open positions and training programs?

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